Research has estimated that 85% of all medical visits are stress related. Health Psychology looks at the biological, psychological, social, and even genetic influences to improve health and prevent disease.

"Your biography becomes your biology. This biography includes the totality of your choices-your thoughts, your actions, your food-the things you feed your life."  -Caroline Myss  

I use science based approaches to help people improve health including cognitive behavioral therapy, behavioral protocols, biofeedback, and referrals for genetic testing and Metabolic Analytics when necessary. These approaches can help us uncover and correct hormonal imbalances and health factors influencing your emotional health.  


The following problems are commonly referred to a Health Psychologist:

-Chronic headaches


-fertility problems, recurrent miscarriage


-eating disorders, weight problems

-chronic stress, depression

Some medical disease processes involve emotional stressors attendant to disease diagnosis and treatment (cancer, MS, lupus, diabetes, cardiovascular disease). Under these circumstances, addressing the psychological factors can help improve treatment experience.



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