Does your child have trouble with reading?  Does he or she skip lines, have ongoing problems with spelling, or seem unusually frustrated with homework?  Do you worry that your child's grades do not reflect his or her hard work?

Psychoeducational testing is used to identify individual strengths and weaknesses when a student is having trouble at school.  Dyslexia, ADHD, ADD, and sensory processing problems are most often identified through these types of assessments.  Once the problem is clarified, we can develop a strategic plan to help your child thrive at school.


If your child is acting out at school or at home, having problems with peers, or having difficulty with temper outbursts, testing can pinpoint the reasons for behavioral disturbances.  Once we gather accurate information, we can develop a plan to optimize weaknesses, capitalize on strengths, and set your child up for success.  I utilize the most modern technology available to offer accurate testing results, a positive testing experience, and an effective intervention plan.